3LAU’s “Escape Me Home” Bash-Up

Image via 3LAU
Image via 3LAU

As his radio show dictates, any time you step into 3LAU‘s HAUS, you’re bound to get fucked up. This “bashup” is another gem to add to his catalog of supercharged mash-ups, packing pieces from usually anywhere from four to ten separate tracks seamlessly into one four-to-five minute segment. I’ve said this before, and against my normal principles, I am happy to repeat myself when it comes to this master of mash. Justin 3LAU knows how to pack heat in his music, and this shit is fire.

“Escape Me Home.” What an appropriate name for a track released on Thanksgiving Day. It resembles a before and after from Wheel of Fortune and has an added meaning for anyone who refers to the dance floor as home. Features Bebe Rexha’s vocals off Cash Cash‘s, “Take Me Home,” off the group’s recent EP, mashed up with three remixes of 3LAU’s summer banger, which is superheroes anonymous-approved. The remixers were first, second, and third place winners of this summer’s Beatport contest, released alongside the third volume of 3LAU’s giant mashups of his mashups, Dance Floor Filth, also stamped with my seal of approval.

Let’s just say potatoes weren’t the only thing served mashed on Thanksgiving. In a kind gesture of thanks on a most appropriate day, and in honor of 200K Facebook Fans, he released for free download this dance floor banger, whipped clean of lumps, but not free of filth.

(White Raver Rafting)