Ariana Grande ft. Zedd – “Break Free”

It’s great to see a plan come together. Last week, word his that MTV would be reviving Total Request Live for one day; at the same time, Ariana Grande teased that her single with Zedd, “Break Free,” would be hitting around July 2. Well as Complex reports, it looks like the one-day revival of TRL ended up being a prep for her forthcoming sophomore album, My Everything. On Total Ariana Live, she dropped a huge preview for “Break Free,” which sounds like it could be something. She’s already 2014 pop personified, in that she has a total ’90s edge to everything she’s doing vocally (which isn’t a bad thing at all), and for what it’s worth, Zedd laced her with something dope. It looks like he’s wanted to work with her ever since hearing her sing live, and worked with Max Martin to write and produce this gem for her. Don’t be surprised if this is the surprise EDM hit of the summer, just saying.

And that bit at the end? I need THAT for a remix of this song.