Download Arts&Crafts & Alexander Supertrill’s “Underneath The Beats Mix 002″

Image via Alexander Supertrill / Michelle Crosby
Image via Alexander Supertrill / Michelle Crosby

Alexander Supertrill is an artist on Forward Thinking Sounds, a label run out of Tennessee that houses some incredible musicians. We’ve covered FilosofischeStilte, SLAGZ, and 222 Oceans, and were pleasantly surprised that all of these artists are being represented by one label. This is one of of two mixes from Alexander Supertrill for this label, and it focuses on that trill wave, and is a collaborative release between Underneath The Beats and Arts&Crafts. If you’re turning down for the weekend, this is the mix for you.


01. Chloe Martini – Temptation
02. Chloe Martini – Polidor
03. Enyui – Hold Me
04. Bashment Lox – Straight Crasher
05. Phlux – Swindle
06. StarRo – Hold On We’re Going Home
07. Gaszia – You (Xian Remix)
08. Mincha – Can’t Leave
09. Color Plus – Same Time
10. Justin Timberlake – Until the End of Time Ft. Beyoncé (Tajan Remix)