Download Ash Is’ ‘In / Static” Release

Image via Chris at
Image via Chris at

Not very often am I left speechless, rendered without any speech. Buckled at the knees, stunted in may ways. Blindly, like a deer in headlights.

Fallen to an image of artistry so fine as Ash Is.

I am simply stunned. Maybe it is the artwork of this dude from the cover, whose Tumblr is a trip into another dimension. It could be the echoing a needle on the end of a spinning vinyl record, that plays out onto the end of this two-track segment, or the dark bass and creepy sound bytes in between. And the romance of it all with the sample selection.

Le Magnifique.

I really am at a loss for words here. I’ll let the artist speak for himself:

My first release, 2 tracks.

1. In 
2. Static

Track 1 samples Ne Me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone

Track 2 samples Now U Wanna by Lockah