Download Astronomar’s “Mutant Club EP”


I’m so pleased that you guys can hear and play this EP because I love it. One of the guys out there who is keeping electronic dance music weird and wonderful is Astronomar. This is the music made for the wild club creatures of the night. Ballroom, techno, and house music sound like they have been fused with the leftover parts of machines in an old factory. This music is bare and recognizes the simplicity of using just some sounds to make a song. The thing I love about Astronomar’s music is it’s never overmade; it’s just well made. Nothing is there that doesn’t have to be. Where big room and trance producers design luxury cars, Astronomar designs racing cars.

It’s releases like this that make me say again and again that if you’re walking around complaining about the excess of the current EDM world, you don’t have to look any further than Main Course. If you haven’t figured it out yet by the way I’m going off, this is a big big EP that you almost need to get. It’s free for a month, so no excuses.