Bad Boy Bill ft. Tamra Keenan – “Unsaid (Cy Kosis Remix)”


Cy Kosis first landed on my radar through DJ UMB. UMB gave me a package of tunes, said “don’t share these” and never brought it up again. And in this world, those files are sacred. This release was Cy Kosis’ 7 Deadly Beats EP, which came out shortly afterwords via Generation Bass on Beatport, and I have no idea how many people purchased it. People are really fucking stingy, and don’t dig hard for good music anymore.

I started throwing one of the tunes from this release in my live DJ set and it kept starting riots. I don’t play out often (or enough, to be honest) because I hold out for bigger shows, so these are sizable crowds going apeshit. It happened enough times that I reached out to Cy Kosis more than three months after these files were originally handed to me to see if I could place up a couple of tunes, and the reload from the Generation Bass release clocked 10,000 plays, followed by an exclusive that screamed to 40,000 plays.

And now, a rant:

I hate remix competitions. I’m certainly not talking down on EDC or this remix competition in particular, but I get my hands on “runner up” tracks for remix competitions that are absolutely insane, and definitely slept-on. Who knows if this submission will get picked up. We’ve been rocking out with Cy Kosis as of late, and hope these bangers keep coming out so he can land on the line-ups and play at the level we know he should be at. He’s hunkering down and earning it. Please share this around; it deserves to be heard.

And if you want, check out Cy’s Discovery Project: EDC Chicago entry mix:

Discovery Project: EDC Chicago by Cy Kosis on Mixcloud