Get a Proper Jungle Education Via DJ Bailey’s Aerosoul Soulcast

Image via Aerosoul
Image via Aerosoul

DJ Bailey = that dude. There are a lot of drum & bass DJs out there, but he’s the pinnacle. There’s a reason he’s been down with the Metalheadz crew since day dot, as well as there being reasons why he’s consistently had some of the best drum & bass radio shows over the last decade. He represents all sides of the dnb scene, but has crates so deep that he can dip into certain lanes and areas, giving us special mixes like this. See, a couple of friends of mine got hype when James Blake played some jungle music during his BBC Residency set, and I shared this mix with them for a proper jungle education. This mix, which is a part of the Aerosoul Soulcast series, represents the foundation of jungle music. Real junglists will scream when they look at this tracklist, which highlights tune after tune after tune of classic, anthemic jungle beats. It’s a trip through the ’90s, and a great look at the kind of music that really got me going.

If you want to know more about Bailey, check out this recent Serato Artist Icon video done about him and his work. And for those in the know, Bailey’s bringing back his “Straight From The Bedroom” livestream series in April. This is how he sorts through new music to prep for that week’s show, and is a great look at the selection process, and the future of the dnb scene.


Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune (Moving Shadow)
Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows (Ram)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) (Moving Shadow)
Return Of Q Project – Champion Sound (The Alliance Remix) (Legend)
D.R.S. featuring Kenny Ken – Everyman (Rugged Vinyls)
Conquering Lion – Code Red (Wild Apache Remix) (Congo Natty)
New Blood – Worries In Da Dance (London Some’ting)
Marvellous Cain – Hitman (IQ)
DJ Krome & Mr Time – The Licence (Tearin Vinyl)
MA2 – Hearing Is Believing (Remix) (Formation)
Remarc – R.I.P. (Suburban Base)
DJ Taktix – The Way VIP (Back 2 Basics)
Dred Bass – Dred Bass (Moving Shadow)
DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Remix) (Ganja Records)
Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning (Philly Blunt)
DJ Nut Nut feat Frankie Paul & Top Cat – Special Dedication (Hard Step)
Leviticus – Burial (Philly Blunt)
M-Beat Featuring General Levy – Incredible (M-Beat)
Renegade – Terrorist (PA Mix) (Moving Shadow)
Splash – Babylon (Dee Jay)
Trinity – Gangsta (Philly Blunt)
Berty B & Dillinja – Lion Heart (Lionheart)
Urban Shakedown feat. D.B.O. General – Arsonist (Urban Shakedown)
Shy FX & UK Apache – Original Nuttah (S.O.U.R.)
Renegade – Dark Soldier Part 1 (Dread)
DJ Krust – Set Speed (V Recordings)
Sound Of The Future – The Lighter (Formation)