EXCLUSIVE: BaiLo & K.LO’s “Flu Season” EP


Bailo x K.LO are two producers from Queens, New York that have been making hip-hop beats until recently. We pushed an exclusive from Bailo and Madame Buttons called “Fire” that truly goes off, as well as a Bailo remix of Dimitri Vegas, MOGUAI, & Like Mike’s “Mammoth.” Their style is minimalistic, but their sound is huge. And they’re riding out with Do Androids Dance to the fullest.

That said, it was no surprise when Bailo and K.LO’s reached out to us with a downloadable five-track EP containing three originals and two remixes as exclusives to Do Androids Dance. Thumping low end and piercing synths are the standard, and the entire release has a slightly dark feel to it. These guys are producing tunes at neck-breaking speed, and we’re positive that a stack of records will come from this duo in 2014. Download and enjoy!