Benga ft. Youngman – “Chose One”


New Benga, taken from Chapter II? We’re all about this. Benga and Youngman link up again for a scorcher, truly highlighting Youngman’s skills as a vocalist over an anthemic riddim from Benga. You’d actually think that Benga would be doing MORE vocal work, as this sounds as radio-friendly as dubstep can/will be right now. You’ve got lyrics, hooks, and a bold melody. What more do you need?!

  • supperforqueefs

    you realize that this track got it’s first radio airplay about 2 yrs ago? don’t wanna sound like a mong, but this is quite a oldie. and yes it will be featured on chapter 2. known fact.

    • khal

      you do realize that nothing you said has bearing on what was said in this blog post, right? getting its “first radio airplay about 2 yrs ago” yet not being released means, wow, when Chapter II drops, it’ll be “new,” especially to those who aren’t trainspotters. and there’s no need to talk about it being on Chapter II as a “known fact.” we’ve known it as a “fact” since we posted the tracklist:

      but please, go ahead and moan about the other treats that have been played on the radio before their release. surely more fans want to feel tiny for not having notated when tracks receive first airplay.

  • CRUD

    @ff818633919aace97cad4a4d3a2bb37e:disqus JUST GOT OWNED COT DAYM!!!

  • Leila Martinez

    DUDE. Does Choose one have the right lyrics posted up anywhere??? I’M DYING.