BenZel – “Fallin’ Love (Alex Young Remix)”


We really can’t say enough good things about Alex Young. On top of being an incredibly down-to-earth kid, he seems genuinely appreciative of the situation he’s in. We’re Facebook friends on this Internet, and every once in a while he just thanks the world for being a place where he can create music and people want to listen to it. In a world where most start acting funny when they get a little exposure, his humble is a breath of fresh air.

And in the world I live in, bass music has gotten REALLY annoying. The deep 808 and dark melodies are what I live for. But it’s getting harder and harder to find inspiring tunes. The club nonsense that’s in regular rotation is a bit much too… a lot of lasers and bubbles. This is a step to the left. An uplifting remix of a great tune. This youngster is on the path to greatness. I truly believe that. His records get better without forcing them to be bigger.

We posted a from Cashmere Cat back in January, and another from Velor in February. We’re not quite sure why these aren’t being wrapped into an EP, but who’s complaining when you get a free download of a dope remix? Not us.