Blackedout – “Vessel”

Image via Blackedout
Image via Blackedout

Let’s run down the list of the things that we know about Blackedout.  This producer is male, according to press.  He’s from Brooklyn, and he’s making wonderful melodic electronic music.  Other than that, there’s really not much more information on these internets.  It could be an alias for a prodder that’s already known, or it could be someone that’s just toying with music aficionados until he decides there’s enough content to tour off of.  Whatever the case is, his work is getting quite a bit of exposure, and this new single “Vessel” is wonderful.  This tune is a journey saturated in chill trap vibes and pitched vocals.  It’s from an a currently unannounced EP that’s slotted for the spring, which I’m sure we’ll be covering the release of.  You can stream “Vessel” below, and if you’re digging this, we suggest you also snag Blackedout’s self-titled EP from last April while you’re here.

  • Ben

    Blackedout is not from Brooklyn, I know him personally he is from california

  • Ben All of his material is just as good check him out