EXCLUSIVE: Blunt Sinatras – “The Feel”

Image via Blunt Sinatras
Image via Blunt Sinatras

The Blunt Sinatras were so kind to give us some absolute fire for a DAD exclusive today and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.  These young dudes from Boston are on the come up and “Feel It” should do everything for your Monday.  This tune is basically why I still fuck trap.  It’s a banger on a party tip and the goal is to make you get rowdy in all the right ways.  It’s full of big horns, DJ Kool vocal samples, crispy percussion, and the overall impulse is pretty undeniable.  They’ve got a bunch of tunes in the can and are starting to spread their wings this month with some shows on the east coast.  We’re going to keep our eye on them.  You should, too.

  • Manstrut

    Oh Damn! Reel BangoR!!!!

  • Alexxan

    I like how This Tune Takes it Back to the Big Room TNGHT Tunes, plus the DJ KOOL acapella never gets Old

  • 3lectric Mantiz

    ERRR Diablo Eto Ta de To!!! Moar Bluntz after Bluntz Sinatras plz

  • Mau5tang

    If I were on Molly this tune be Readin my mind lol

  • Trillington Jonez

    I F U X

  • Eric

    So glad they be reppin the East Coast !