Brodinski ft Theophilus London – “Gimme Back The Night (Ateph Elidja Remix)”

Image via Bromance
Image via Bromance

What’s the best way to introduce a new artist on your imprint? Have them remix one of your latest tracks, of course! This is the exact mentality Brodinski and the Bromance crew took in introducing Ateph Elidja, who fits properly into their fold of French techno with a harder, hip-hop edge to it. There’s not much Theophilus in this rework of “Gimme Back The Night,” but you get more than enough Ateph… a fitting trade-off. Hit play and you’ll find out rather quickly why Ateph’s been brought into the fold. Remember his name!

  • Fernando Sway

    When Brodinski is rocking with Gesaffelstein it’s really something incredible, check out how they own Sonar club here in this set I fell in love with these guys after I saw it, I mean the video is fantastic, imagine this if you can see it live, the atmosphere should be incredible!
    But to be honest I am not too crazy about this song, I mean I expected more from Brodinski for sure.