Cafe Con Leche – “Milk & Cookies”


Mentioning cafe con leche and milk & cookies and it sounds like a weekend at Abuelita’s house, but this is not some foodie blog and I’m not satisfying my inner fat girl with this post. I’m talking about two immensely talented yet humble Slow Roast DMC Champions, Klever and Craze, combining forces to bring you their latest track “Milk and Cookies” that’ll slap that milk mustache right off your face.

The first time I heard this song was during Craze’s monthly show on Ustream, and it simply blew my mind. It samples the late Bernie Mac, gives you massive bass, which of course everyone loves, and 42 seconds in it has this crazy distorted synth that instantly made my jaw drop. All together this future trap song does not disappoint, this was clearly demonstrated by everyone’s reaction when Craze dropped this track on his show. Listen and download this song for FREE, and keep your eye on these two. If this song alone is any indication of what future songs will sound like from these two, then best believe Cafe Con Leche will be on everyone’s lips when we’re all constantly talking about them.

(Run The Trap)