Just in Case You Were Missing the Last Two Candyland Downloads From This Week

Image via Candyland on Facebook
Image via Candyland on Facebook

Candyland kept their SoundCloud as turnt up as this upcoming Killer Fro tour with Kill Paris. It will be a video game where you engage in ninja-like stealth and epic fights, saving Candyland from sworn enemy Neaux Beaux (a mime who fights with the Eiiffel Tower, trying to flex about the size of his sword in a stupidly pretentious accent). He got angry at his magic mirror for spreading less that the tower was actually more beautiful than him, leaving him banished from Paris forever and reeking annoying havoc from his invisible boxes all over the sweetest land in the world.

What I meant to say with that anecdotal sampling of my wildly active imagination is that both of these artists make exceptionally versatile sounds and have equally exceptional production skills. I have yet to see either of them live, but you better believe I am trying to make it to one of the stops on this tour. I heard they slay it live, too, and they have shown us their ready for the biggest festivals with some of the edits released this week.

Audience experience will be of the utmost quality judging from the social media presence and interactivity both acts maintain with their fans. Candyland DJs Ethan and Josie are nothing if not unique, and this week they did something a little different to kick off the announcement of this tour. Every day, they gave away a remix of their choosing. Six tracks in whole, two of which were OG mixes, and just crazy festival trappy version of previously released track. The Sweet Shop always releases tasty treats, and sometimes we get one of the massive remixes from Candyland, like one of those really oversized lollipops.

Michelle Quezada’s sweet, upbeat vocals were originally mixed to the sweetness of cake batter in their tune, “Breathless,” that dropped while they were on tour with Krewella, Seven Lions, and HeRobust. Equally fitting travel partners and also buddies of Ethan and Josie proves even moreso that these guys are not turning down any time soon. The OG Remix of “Breathless” hit their Soundcloud sometime Wednesday night, the second VIP in this remix giveaway package. They are quite obviously readying these tracks for the upcoming tour dates and of course arenas where these tracks can really bang. Anticipate some Christopher Wallace or Big Pun sized sounds this festival season from Candyland, some real OGs.

The final track may have been my favorite of the week, if not for Tuesday’s remix of an old Butch Clancy song, a big room lullaby with feels no words. Like gumdrops from their mouth watering sounds at Sweet Shop, the two in these are of different flavors and equally representing of their respective sounds. Anyway, yesterday’s release was the groovy rework of Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit & Tie.” A special feature of this remix, a lil something to make you smile as you bop your head, are the chopped sounds layered in echo that moves with an ambient beat so you don’t get too too hype.