Carousel – “Stay Awake (Ianborg Remix)”


Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve been following the careers of indie-pop rockers Carousel and have continued to be impressed not only by each individual release, but at their overall ability to make me feel like I’m in the movie Drive. This is due partially to the fact that I’m pretty much Ryan Gosling’s clone – but also because their pumping ’80s synths and indie-jam-pop vibe is reminiscent of the East Coast jam band music that I grew up listening to and makes me want to throw on my gold scorpion jacket and kick some serious ass.

Recently, however, Carousel, which is the product of so many beautiful influences, has found yet another way to blow minds and has been recieving a lot of remix love from well-respected DJs. More specifically, their single “Stay Awake” was remixed by Seattle-based blog darlings The Soundmen, and Ianborg has released what has got to be one of the most transcendent songs I’ve heard yet in 2013.

Take a second to check out both remixes and let us know which one you like better. Also, don’t sleep (read: stay awake) on Carousel because I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more DJs go deep on their tracks in the very near future.