Carvar & Clock’s “BLAKKA” EP is the Toughest Record on the Internet Today

Image via Carvar & Clock
Image via Carvar & Clock

I love those random records that are insane that were never placed in my inbox. They still feel like treats. And in scrolling through my soundcloud stream, this gem popped up out of nowhere. It’s from Texan duo Carvar & Clock, contains remixes from UFO! and Des McMahon, and is fucking insane.  The BLAKKA EP feels like a pissing match, honestly. The original is an insane dubstep and hybrid with looped vocals that sound nothing like anything I’ve ever heard. UFO!’s remix is pretty much four genres in one, while Des McMahon knocked out a reckless drum & bass flip.  This is one of those releases that’s embarrassing to put into words though. And though efforts like this are more than deserving of a few hard earned dollars, it’s coming out for free tomorrow at noon as a present from Carvar & Clock to celebrate a year of their existence. All seems right in the world.

  • Joe Muggs

    These two killed it at Amsterdam Dance Event :),2

    “The kind of screaming, crashing dubstep that’s long since fallen from fashionability; the “trap” beats of southern states gangsta rap; the apocalyptically religious fury of Jamaican dancehall of the “fyah bun Babylon” school; the vast arpeggios of commercial trance music; the grind of metal itself: all flooded out of the speakers in non-stop pursuit of intensity of experience.” lololol