Chrissy Murderbot – “Alright (Calculon & Austin Speed Remix)”


For those of you unfamiliar with the world of jungle and drum & bass, that scene is steeped in soundclash lore of Jamaican dancehall and dub. When a particularly firing tune gets played in a soundclash, the people show their appreciation by imploring the DJ to rewind it. When the heavy bass in this remix of Chrissy Murderbot‘s “Alright” by Calculon and Austin Speed kicks in, there’s nothing we wanted to do more than wheel this one and start it from the top.

Fresh off the heels of his Greatest Hits ★★★★★ LP, Murderbot has a new EP, All Right, set to drop via Hyperboloid, and without even hearing the rest of the EP, we’re going to go ahead and assume this is the meanest piece of jungle on it. One of the best example of the jungle sounds that we cut our teeth on years ago. The amen work on this one alone transports us back to the golden era of jungle. Add in the wailing vocals and the sirens that emerge then retreat? Nothing but murderation on this one, and all of that is before it digs into a hypnotic house number!