Chu & Baka – “Reklaw Ta Ta”


Gotta love the new breed of producers, especially when you can tell that they’re really putting their all into their craft. Do I know who these guys are? Hell no I don’t. It’s a duo from Calgary, Alberta, and I know they’re looking to throw the EDM scene into a new light via their work. What intrigued me is that they said this is their first “trap” track, but it’s pretty far removed from what you’d stereo-typically consider “trap music,” which is always a blessing. The edits on the orchestra vox on this really make it, and the way it rides into a double-time rhythm? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m impressed. Chu & Baka are dropping an EP, Sraw Rat, and I definitely need a heads up on when it drops, so I can give it a proper run through.