Clicks & Whistles – “North Cackalacky”


How much does DAD love Clicks & Whistles? The site debuted with a quick primer on their material. It also pains us that it feels like they get ’nuff props, but we don’t get ’nuff new material from them. Props to THUMP for getting the exclusive on “North Cackalacky” (although they said something about a free song, but this isn’t available for download), as we’ve been waiting for this one for a minute. We need it. It’s part of that trap sound that kicks off as something that feels similar, but rides a different vibe, giving us something that features screwed vocals, a hypnotic bassline/synth combination, and that eternal turnup. So, while we pour some more liquor into our cup and toast to the night, we’ll be dreaming of North Carolina. Thanks, guys!