Compact Disco & Kave – “Kraken (Zebo Remix)”


Let me preface this whole thing by saying I don’t really dig house and electro. The first time I heard Kave and Compact Disco was a GIANT tune called “Hammer” that dropped last summer. And if there’s a track that I love that fits in a genre I don’t follow at all, I know it’s tough. They are back, and their Kraken EP is out right now. The Zebo remix of “Kraken” is a straight-forward banger, leaning on heavy synths instead of meticulous drums. The melody in this is subtle, but wonderful. This is a nutty track without feeling forced.

The full release also features remixes of Kave & Compact Disco’s “Kraken” by Wes Monroe and The Chaotic Good (and the original mix, of course), as well as a b-side from Kave, “Vektor.”