Listen to Congo Natty Speak on His Legacy on Solid Steel


Mixes can be ways to learn and get educated, and if you want a proper education on music, look no further than Coldcut’s Solid Steel program. It started in 1988 on Kiss FM, and featured the duo exploring their sound and influences. They are pretty damn influential as producers and DJs, as they don’t stick to one sound or style. The two hour program, broken up into 30-minute segments, has featured a stellar list of DJs who have been featured, and even after moving from radio to the Internets in the early 2000s, the program has grown strong… and is truly providing the broadest beats worldwide for the last 25 years.

For this week’s episode, the first hour is taken over with the mighty Congo Natty. He doesn’t go in the mix, but provides a great interview with Will Ashton of Big Dada (which itself is a sister imprint of Coldcut’s Ninja Tune). He speaks about his legacy, coming up through the jungle scene and what’s influenced him. His history is massive, especially in UK dance music, so get educated. Part 2 features a classic “Congo Natty Live 95″ mix featuring DJ SL, the Ragga Twins, MC Navigator, and MC Dett (which we believe is the same “A Dee Jay Explosion” mix from the Tribute To Haile Selassie I album). Proper junglist education, bredren, with DJ Food taking up Parts 3 and 4 with a version of his set from the Boards of Canada-inspired “A Few Old Tunes” night in London.


PART 1 – Interview with Congo Natty

Congo Natty _ Revolution _ Big Dada
Congo Natty _ Jungle Is I And I _ Big Dada
Bob Marley and the Wailers _ Natty Dread _ Island
Congo Natty _ Jungle Souljah _ Big Dada
Double Trouble & Rebel MC _ Just Keep Rockin’ _ Desire
Double Trouble & Rebel MC _ Street Tuff _ _ Desire
Rebel MC _ The Wickedest Sound _ Desire
Rebel MC _ Black Meaning Good (Slavery Mix) _ Desire
The Revolutionaries _ Kinte Dub _ Chanel One
Conquering Lion _ Code Red (Original Mix) _ X Project
Tribe Of Issachar _ Junglist _ Congo Natty
Congo Natty _ Rebel _ Big Dada
Congo Natty _ UK Allstars _ Big Dada
Congo Natty _ Microchip (Say No) _ Big Dada
T-L.A. Rock & Jazzy Jay _ It’s Yours _ Def Jam
James Brown _ Funky Drummer (Bonus Beats reprise) _ Polydor
Public Enemy _ Rebel without a pause _ Def Jam

PART 2 – Congo Natty live 95

Congo Natty live 95 _ featuring Ragga Twins, Navigator, MC Dett, DJ SL


PART 3 + 4 – DJ Food

Sesame Street _ Oh! Orange _ Sesame Workshop
Galt MacDermot _ Aquarius _ RCA Victor
Boards of Canada _ The Colour of the Fire _ Warp
Broadcast & The Focus Group _ The Be Colony _ Warp
Yosi Horikawa _ Wandering _ First Word
Prefuse 73 feat. School of Seven Bells _ The Class of 73 _ Warp
Mordy Laye & The Group Modular _ Electric Paint _ Audio Montage
Boards of Canada _ Everything You Do Is A Balloon _ Skam
John Abercrombie _ Timeless _ ECM
Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange _ The Dreams: Land _ BBC
The Books _ Group Autogenics I _ Temporary Residence
Two Quiet Suns _ Light Curve _ Bandcamp

PART 4 – DJ Food

DJ Food _ Sunspot _ no label
Lost Idol _ Beesmouth _ Cookshop
Boards of Canada _ A Beautiful Place Out In The Country _ Warp
Meat Beat Manifesto _ Prime Audio Soup (Boards of Canada remix) _ PIAS
Autechre _ Teartear _ Warp
The Human League _ Being Boiled _ Fast
Wagon Christ _ Chunkothy _ Ninja Tune
Boards of Canada _ Satellite Anthem Icarus _ Warp
Boards of Canada _ Music Is Math _ Warp
Slag Boom Van Loon _ Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada remix) _ Planet Mu
Boards of Canada _ Olson(Midland re-edit) _ mp3
Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange _ The Dreams: Colour _ BBC
Sesame Street _ A Lot of Me _ Sesame Workshop