Cosenza – “Playboy”

Image via Cosenza
Image via Cosenza

I just watched this dude spin in a trap house for 2.5 hours. I know as of late, the term trap house has gotten quite confused, and Cosenza is one of the reasons this is so. Because a trap house is a place where trapping takes place, like the sales of illegal substances. But trap house has become something of a genre these days, as in trap+house=bangers.

That is exactly what Cosenza brings you with his first original, a MF banger… as if I could have expected anything less from this kid. He kills it each time he steps to the decks, and each remix he has made thus far has been golden in my book. I have covered most of them, in fact.

But like I said, this is his first original. It is festival trap house banging at its finest, and it is sure to be bumping in all the clubs soon enough. OMG does this track slay…I mean, it definitely does. Slaughters. This “Playboy” has been on the rise, and if you don’t know, now you know. Don’t make me repeat myself, again. Cosenza coming at you with this original.

Play on playboy. We see you homie.