Coyote Kisses – “Black Cat”

After releasing their critically acclaimed Thundercolor EP in early May, Coyote Kisses has unleashed their next release, a free download of “Black Cat.”  The single opened up the CK summer mix last week, and now we have it for ourselves.  With this new single, Coyote Kisses forges on in their efforts to expand the future bass sound.  With a healthy side of pop, Coyote Kisses is doing something no one else is doing.  Fusing the heady vibes of future bass with sparkling melodies and a tribal percussion, Coyote Kisses creates an interesting piece of music that will have you swaying your hips as you scratch your head at the same damn time.  Only confusing in how they did it, there’s no confusion as this free download is worth every bit of bandwidth it costs.  CK creates a wandering journey with bright melodies to guide you home. As J.R.R. Tolkein said, “not all those who wander are lost” and that’s how we feel about this track and CK’s overall growth and sonic exploration and evolution.  It’s been DAD’s pleasure to see Coyote Kisses grow and we’re thrilled with this.