Danny Byrd – “Bad Boy (Back Again) (Flux Paviliion Remix)”

Many have been tripping off of Danny Byrd‘s latest work (present company included). It’s never easy to hear a producer go from something that you feel is so refreshing and captivating, then diving into things that are more, well, fun. Shame on them for wanting to make us dance and be entertained, right? Everyone gets so caught up in what things mean, and how we should be reacting that it’s almost like enjoying what you’re hearing comes secondary. So, props to Byrd for letting it all hang out and enjoying himself.

That said, Danny Byrd’s forthcoming LP, Golden Ticket, is a tour de force of dancefloor-ready bangers, but before it gets released, he’s dropping an EP for album cut “4th Dimension” on May 20, which features a Flux Pavilion remix of “Bad Boy (Back Again)” that’s definitely not stereotypical Flux. This rework has a sly shuffle to it, some trap elements, and bass that’s much more “deep” than it is “aggressive.” It’s one of those scorchers you slide mid-set and get the crowd jamming to. Interesting rework, and a great look into Flux’s evolving sound. Live a little.