Danny Doberman – “Gnome Talmbout”

Danny Doberman (Image)

We have absolutely no clue who Danny Doberman are.  It sounds like the name of a singular individual, but their SoundCloud lists two names with no links to help determine whether or not either of these individuals has released records under any aliases, and we can’t find them on any other social media platform at all.  They’re producing club and juke records that sound too good for this to be a random pairing, but other than their thumbs up to host a record that dropped via STHWST last month, aren’t giving us any further words at all.  We don’t actually care though, as the song in question is a destructive juke record that screams on proper speakers that chops vocals into dynamic synths and shattering kicks.  We’ll let you know if we hear anything else about this duo, but feel free to snag the freebie below in the meantime.

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