Designer Drugs – “Zombies (2013 Remix)”

Image via Designer Drugs
Image via Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs released this track early this morning. It is quintessential to anyone’s Halloween listenings, with all the best elements of of a campy horror film. It is like if Bride of Frankenstein were made into a trap track, this is how it would sound. It starts out with a classically gothic intro as silence brings in the pouring rain. Suddenly, a crash of thunder and the screeches and creepy sounds begin. The most masterful part of all of this is the spooky melodies build with a pounding bass into the trappiest drum rolls. Fills made of creaks and xylophone-like notes, layered on top of the already ghastly sound that haunts the entire track. At the end a very deep, coarse voice repeats ‘Zombies’ in and out of the beating of drums. Listening to this is like watching the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” if you are lucky enough to have that on reserve in the back of your brain.

And judging by the tags on their soundcloud, and the overall aura of these guys, they had some fun making this track.

Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 10 30 00 AM 400x99 Designer Drugs   Zombies (2013 Remix)



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