Listen to Disclosure Cover Duke Dumont’s “Need U (100%)”


While there’s certainly a large portion of overhyped YOLOswag clubstep masses gobbling up every auto-tuned, pounding piece of garbage, there’s also an underside bubbling with a resistance due for a massive breakout.  The days of 128 BPM bangers are slowly but surely ending as the ever-expanding dance community has been left wanting something more.  Something with groove.  Something with soul.

Along with Disclosure, who we’re not going to sit here and say is underground, one of the leading names in this creative resistance is England’s Duke Dumont.  Disclosure took the BBC Radio 1′s airwaves to cover talk shop, perform their own single “You & Me” and Duke’s “Need U (100%),” and the result was one soulful, jazzy, and groovy rendition.

Disclosure’s cover brings the infectious single back into the limelight after it peaked at #1 on the UK Charts earlier this year.  The timing of this cover is perfect for Duke as American mainstream audiences are now just starting to latch (no pun intended) on to the Disclosure boys.  The track is particularly catchy with it’s traditional verse-chorus-verse structure and it’s the sort of thing that could bust the whole movement open if given some radio play.  Your parents will love it and your kids will love it.  A growing blend of deep house, Chicago house, disco, garage, and traditional pop music influences, Duke’s music, like Disclosure’s, is at once a throwback to classic dance vibes and sensibilities as well as a look into the bright future of a global house-influenced  music revolution.

You can listen to the cover on BBC, starting at 2:13:00.