EXCLUSIVE: Disgraceland & Romor – “BRT”


I’ve been pretty steady with the mid-tempo/moombahton joints over the past week or so and I’ve totally been doing it on purpose. Basically, I don’t feel there’s enough noise being made about the broader scope.  It’s cool you like the random rage inducing super rowdy jam or the crazy twerked out flip of that ’90s cut you and your crew love SO MUCH.  There needs to be louder voices, though.  Voices talking about the folks pushing boundaries, making fearless music and, in my mind, leading the charge.

Disgraceland is one of those dudes for me.  Yeah, he makes deep stuff inspired by house and techno.  You know this already. But do you really even listen to what he’s doing and how crucial his ideas are? Romor, his longtime homie from the UK, is probably an unfamiliar name to most.  With the sporadic limited output he’s shared, that’s fairly understandable.  But trust me this dude is fearless as well.  They combine forces here for DAD exclusive “BRT,” the first in what’s promised to be a run of collaborations in the coming months.  Here, moombahton is really just a very stripped down template providing impulse. Everywhere else this tune goes is just expansive with it’s rolling acid funk basslines and ridiculously crisp and layered percussion. Essentially, this is a big win here for the creative types.