DJ Cable – “Backseat Anthem”


DJ Cable has been a good friend of mine and khal’s for years, and there’s no mistaking his talent on the decks. But his production game is getting absolutely stupid REALLY quickly. We had a Skype session last week where he previewed (but of course didn’t send… he seems to like making me beg) a stack of records that he plans to release this summer. I will be pushing everything that I heard… it’s all destructive.

His flip of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Backseat Freestyle” is a quality freebie given by this three-time UK DMC co-champion in celebration of hitting 100,000 plays on his personal SoundCloud page. We’re looking to his Triangulum Records imprint for those influential bass records that he’s digging to find, but love when he releases his personal projects. This is a quality banger for a DJ to mix up their set in the club, or for you to drive around to in your car with the windows down.