DJ Cable and DAD Presents: Wiley – The Steps Mix


Grime pioneer Wiley went in over a number of instrumentals over the last year, releasing his “Step” freestyles for free via his Twitter account randomly. Using beats from Darq E Freaker, Preditah, Rude Kid, Flava D, and plenty of others, Wiley basically let folks know that he’s not one to be trifled with on the mic. He’s released 20 of these steps, but for some reason no one felt it was necessary to knock out a full mix with these freestyles, so in steps DJ Cable with this mix of those “Steps.” It’s not in order, because that’s corny (and wouldn’t work as well anyways), and ends with Wiley ripping Jo’s “R-Type” because jungle. Rock to this, then go grab DJ Cable’s Cartridge EP if you need some new school grime.


01. Step 1 (Prod. by Preditah)
02. Step 17 (Prod. by Preditah)
03. Step 5 (Prod. by Kid D)
04. Step 7 (Prod. by Darq E Freaker)
05. Step 2 (Prod. by Splurt)
06. Step 15 (Prod. by Zdot)
07. Step 20 (Prod by Rude Kid)
08. Step 6 (Prod. by Thomas Mellor)
09. Step 4 (Prod. by SNY)
10. Step 12 (Prod. by Infamous)
11. Step 10 (Prod. by Dullah Beats)
12. Step 8 (Prod. by Danny Yen)
13. Step 16 (Prod. by Masro & Spooky)
14. Step 13 (Prod. by Danny Yen)
15. Step 9 (Prod. by Zdot)
16. Step 3 (Prod. by Flava D)
17. Step 18 (Prod. by Flava D)
18. Step 14 (Prod. by Nu Klear)
19. Step 11 (Prod. by Filthy Beatz)
20. Step 19 (Prod. By Jo)