Download DJ Clent’s THUMP Guest Mix

Image via THUMP
Image via THUMP

Earlier this year, DJ Clent dropped the six-track Me And My MPC. As we know with most juke and footwork producers, they have a GRIP of tunes at the ready, and in April Planet Mu is dropping Clent’s Hyper Feet EP which, judging by the mix he did for THUMP, will contain a grip of club-rocking anthems. He has a way with samples that’s comparable to what guys like Traxman do, giving you something that’s instantly recognizable but for some reason never flipped by other producers. THUMP sat Clent down for an in-depth conversation, then let him fly with this 67-minute mix of nothing but his own material. Some released, most unreleased, all fierce. Start your weekend off proper to this.


DJ Clent – Super THOT (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Ain’t Nobody (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Clent’s oh so hott (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Beat the Pussy (Moveltraxx)
DJ Clent – Free DJ Milton (unreleased)
DJ Clent – D J P J C (feat. DJ Deeon) (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – Blood on the Leaves (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – Enchanted (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – Let the Bass Go (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – Grooving in the Sunshine (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – Bassline (unreleased)
DJ Clent – That Fuka (unreleased)
DJ Corey – The Circle (feat DJ Clent) (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Bounce (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Bounce Trap Remix (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Back Up Off Me (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Back Up Off Me Trap Remix (feat. Majik Myke) (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Pop the P (feat. Majik Myke) (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Signing Off (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Try Again (feat. RP Boo) (unreleased)
DJ Clent – Don’t Go Down (Planet Mu)
DJ Clent – Hyper Feet (Planet Mu)
DJ Clent – Don’t Leave Me (baby) (Planet Mu)
DJ Clent – DJ Clent’s #1 (Planet Mu)
DJ Clent – Cat Shit (Juke Trax)
DJ Clent – Clent’s Cocky (Booty Tune)
DJ Clent – After Dark (Halsted Street Ent.)
DJ Clent – Clent’s Kneedeep (Moveltraxx)
DJ Clent – Clent’s Dog Catcher (Planet Mu)
DJ Clent – Dye Rydaz (Beatdown House)
DJ Clent – From tha Back (unreleased)
DJ Clent – House in this House (unreleased)