DJ Fresh vs. Jay Fay ft. Ms. Dynamite – “Dibby Dibby Sound”

Image via DJ Fresh
Image via DJ Fresh

What’s really good, DJ Fresh? After hearing your Diplo collaboration “Earthquake,” we knew you were taking it there, but damn. Zane Lowe has already christened your next track, the Jay Fay collaboration “Dibby Dibby Sound,” as the Hottest Record in the World, and we can see why. The one is a burner, and while Ms. Dynamite’s feature both leaves something to be desired and adds a flavor that could turn this into a pop record on the UK charts, it’s great to see you linking with Jay Fay for a track… and it being such a great combination of your sounds. Proper carnival vibes. The best part? Word is that this will be coming out via Ministry of Sound and Columbia Records?! 2014 is going to be a problem.

  • ur suck

    lol do androids dance strikes again……… dibby dibby sound is an old track fgt there is no collaboration.. this is a mash or addition of ms dynamite vocals hence the VS u shit blog fuker

    • You don’t have a clue

      Whoa relax guy – say what you want but don’t call it a mashup. Ministry of Sound heard the original Dibby Dibby and loved it… but tbh the original version isn’t polished enough for a wider audience. MoS played it for DJ Fresh who loved it, he co-produced like 10 versions, worked his arse off, including a few with Ms. Dynamite. I guess this is the one the label chose. Sounds dope to me, big support to Jay Fay and Moombahton in general. Haters gonna hate, just trying to help you sound like you know what you’re talking about instead of… well, how you sound now.

    • khal

      So you mean to tell me that Ministry of Sound, one of the biggest brands in all of dance music, and Columbia Records, one of the most historic labels in American music, both got duped by DJ Fresh, one of the more popular dance music producers in the UK, to put out a mash up? Did you remember that Fresh’s collaboration with Diplo was also listed as a “vs.?” Comedy. Let’s get you on board as an official fact-checker.

  • The Colonel

    Yeah, I love Fresh, but the stompy beat behind the verses sounds like Flo Rida or something. This is the lead cut offa some “BASS MUSIC 27!” compilation.

    • dnbheadz

      The Colonel knows whats up! yahtzeee!

  • electro

    no one cares about your shitty dubstep.

    • khal

      nor do we care about you not understanding what genre this tune fits into.