DJ G-Buck – “Rump Ha Pum Pum”


DJ G-Buck is an incredibly talented producer out of Philadelphia. I’ve always known him as the other half of Oddzilla, and never thought to ask him for his solo work. As it turns out, he’s making some next level bass music, including this anthemic bounce record.

His flawless moves through bass are actually quite recent. The work he was putting out a year ago was certainly good, but this new wave of records has been absolutely epic. Do a handstand and shake your ass to this one.  It’s downloadable as well.  I fully expect to hear this in DJ sets this weekend.

  • DJ Attack

    I wish i had this for my set tonight! Fire. Sounds like Major Lazer tho..not a bad thing i guess

    - Attack

    • khal

      if you hit “Buy,” you can download.