DJ Q ft. Kai Ryder – “Be Mine”

Image via DJ Q
Image via DJ Q

One of the best Christmas gifts I got last year wasn’t the fact that DJ Q remixed Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but the fact that he used that rework to announce that his new album was on the way. He’s now unleashed “Be Mine,” which is a beautiful piece of UK garage that seems to define what we can expect from that album, Ineffable, which is due out on Local Action on March 31. What’s making me smile is the fact that the LP is being touted as “a pop record, albeit a pop record raised on MJ Cole,” which should have fans of melodic, club-ready garage and 2-step really excited. With “Be Mine,” you get some soulful vocals from Kai Ryder, who essentially brings R&B sensibility to the UKG riddim. In looking over the tracklist (which you can see down below), Louise Williams is als featured on three cuts… this thing is going to be a monster!



01. Get Over You
02. Two Faced
03. Let The Music Play (feat. Louise Williams)
04. Every Time (feat. Kassandra)
05. Through the Night (feat. Louise Williams)
06. Closer (feat. Kassandra)
07. Caught Up
08. Trust Again (feat. Louise Williams)
09. Lassie (feat. Discarda & Jayjayborn2sing)
10. Notice Me
11. Be Mine (feat. Kai Ryder)