Download DJ Tre’s JukeBounceWerk Top Ten Mix

Image via DJ Tre on Facebook
Image via DJ Tre on Facebook

On day one of 2014, DJ Tre’s blazing set for Fenomena Studio set our year off right. I remember sitting in my corny castle, sipping on mimosas and being in relative awe at the tunes he’s sitting on. No less than a week later, he’s back with a second mix, this time touching down for JukeBounceWerk’s Top Ten Tuesdays series. He came correct with his selection, not only representing TEKLIFE fam like DJ Rashad, Traxman, and DJ Earl, but he showed his diversity by mixing in cuts from DJ Marky and even a classic dnb ting, Lemon D‘s “This Is L.A..” Did I just find my new favorite footwork DJ? Possibly.


1.Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
2.Rashad,Spinn,Taso-Am Track
3.Bustin Jieber-Hugleburg (DJ Tre Remix)
4.Rashad & MoonDoctor & Fresh Till Def- Get A Lil Bit
5.Traxman-Mr. Rogers Rmx
6.RP Boo- Hornz Killa
7.DJ Earl- Bass 2 Dark
8.Lemon D- This Is L.A.
9.Blade & Jrumhand- 513 Rhodes Riff Thing
10. DJ Marky- Damage