Stream Dog Blood’s “Middle Finger, Pt. 2″ EP


Last August, Skrillex and Boys Noize‘s Dog Blood side project was born with the massive “Middle Finger.” We got word last week that the EP was done, then news that the release date had been pushed back to August 20, apparently due to sample clearance issues. Then a funny thing happened; the EP sprung a leak. While we’ve not seen 100% confirmation that the duo known as Dog Blood leaked the project, this tweet can be read a few different ways (well, maybe two ways.

Whatever the case may be, the leaked version contains three extra tracks (including remixes of “Middle Finger, Pt. 2″ and an instrumental of “Shred the Ride”), so who knows what was the cause for whatever sample-clearance strife. The EP is still set to drop on August 20 (right?), so stream it below.