PREMIERE: Donna Summer – “I Feel Love (Benga Remix)”

Image via Verve
Image via Verve

When we got word that Benga was one of the producers that reworked Donna Summer material for the forthcoming Love To Love You Donna remix album, we were instantly intrigued. The tracklist is an interesting mix, with heavyweights in the EDM scene like Afrojack and Laidback Luke being featured next to Hot Chip and Gigamesh. Wild assortment, but it’s great to see that UK bass music stalwarts like Benga getting their just due, especially when he’s featured on a rework that finds him dipping deeper into the house bag than he’s normally known for. While we don’t get full-on Donna Summer soaring vocals, we definitely get a more ethereal wail throughout the soulful track, which plays very well and will go off in the club. All-in-all, this record goes.


  • Roland Baldwin

    This is not good! It completely loses the soul of the original. Sometimes less is more!

    • laurent pautrat

      I totally agree, no soul on this remix


    well… i prefer I FEEL LOVE (AFROJACK REMIX)…

    • leecappella

      I like what I’ve heard of Afrojack’s version, but I have not heard it in full. Good thing about any of of the tracks on this cd is that there’s always the original. Regarding I Feel Love, you’ve got the original, and you’ve got two on the cd. Take your pick and enjoy the one(s) you like.

  • Jesús Bellorín

    I don’t like this!

  • Eddie

    Where is Donna in this remix? Whoever remixed this had no respect for her original vocals. What I like so much about the other remixes I’ve heard is that her vocals were front and center!

  • Arjuna Krishna-Das

    It’s beautiful. I love it. Donna is there but subtly. I’ve heard her sing Feel Love some many hundreds or thousands of times it’s great to feel the beat and have her tickle my ears in the background.

  • Russ Noe


  • SWSimpson

    Beyond boring. An insult to the original.

  • adda dada

    now lay a hard vocal on the track and it will be fine

  • Klash-E

    LOVE IT! nice ‘after’ sound
    Subtle, Sleek & Stylish

  • Rael

    Who the hell is this? Donna Summer’s NAME should NOT be listed on this track!!!!!!!!

  • tw6

    bad bad bad remix.How come THAT SONG be remixed sooooo bad

  • Eddie

    Once again, the Verve has failed with a Donna Summer track! I was so looking forward to this project but now I really have lost interest. Boring, boring, boring!

  • Wontsettle

    This whole project can rot in hell!

  • Wontsettle

    This whole project can rot in hell!

    • khal

      “rot in hell?” let me find out a remix project is that serious.