Download A 2 Track Drum & Bass EP From Seba and Blu Mar Ten


Seba and Blu Mar Ten are two producers that have been making their own renditions of soothing drum n bass for quite some time, and we love that Warm Communications pulled a record from each of them for their latest release.  Neither artist strayed from their roots.

Both tunes are a throwback to a better time in music.  Masterful production, magnificent mastering, and looming melodies are the constant in both.  Seba’s “Shades Of Me & You” features hesitant synths that lead a scarcely placed vocal.   Blue Mar Ten’s Remix of Seba’s “Never Let You Go” gives a liquid tune some angle with it’s unique progression and chord changes.

Anyone feeling reminiscent of those classic emotional drum n bass tunes will find this release absolutely delightful.  Though the preview went up a few weeks ago, this 2 track EP officially dropped yesterday on Beatport.  Snag this up and support the underground.