Download Branchez’ Guest Mix for Toddla T on BBC Radio 1


Branchez‘ has captivated us with his sound, and we’ve in turn championed his music. Simple as that, really. What we love to see is when the gatekeepers pull artists we love in, allowing them their time to shine. Branchez recently got his time in the sun via a guest spot on Toddla T‘s BBC Radio 1 show. He got a chance to chat with Toddla about his sound and where he’s going with it, and then got into a quick (~21 minute) mix for Toddla, dropping some of his favorites in the trap/Jersey club world. A few untitled tracks out of his own studio make it as well. Allow Branchez to reintroduce himself.



1. Body Party (Kiff Remix) – Ciara
2. Twerk It – LDFD
3. That Ish – Branchez
4. That Molly – Obey City
5. I’m Sprung (Trippy Turtle Remix) – T-Pain
6. Wonder Bread – C.Z.
7. ?? – Branchez & Tony Quattro
8. ?? – Branchez
9. Back Room – Branchez
10. Haze.Boogie.Life – Mykki Blanco
11. Get In My Car – 50 Cent
12. Make A Move (Branchez Remix) – Sweater Beats