Download Busy P’s “HARDer Deeper Darker Summer” Mix


While 2013 has already been a wild years, we’ve not even touched the summer yet! HARD Summer will be having Busy P and the Ed Banger crew at their HARD Summer party in Los Angeles for a special Ed Banger 10 Year Anniversary stage Aug 3-4 (tickets are available now), and Busy P went in for a mix that’s truly HARD, deep, and dark. He runs the gamut, dropping everything from Sinjin Hawke’s “Prom Nite” to Skream’s “Bang That” (which DAD still really needs).


CHATEAU MARMONT “Wargames” DVNO remix (chambre 404)
SINJIN HAWKE “Prom Nite” (pelican fly)
ARK “Emba Anthem” (versatile)
BUSY P feat Thunderbird Gerard “Still Busy” Parris Mitchell remix (ed banger records)
THOMAS BANGALTER “Club Soda” Nick Jagger edit (bootleg)
MATT WALSH & ZHAO “Where were you” DC Salas remix (kill the dj)
BREAKBOT feat Ruckazoid “You should know” Busy P & Boston Bun remix (ed banger records)
FUTURE FOUR “Gwad Bwash” (phantasy)
LADY DREWNIAK “Let’s Work” Paul Johnsons remix (mr kim’s records)
TIGA “Plush” Ame remix (turbo)
SECOND CITY “The story” (white)
L-VIS 1990 “Not Mad” (night slugs)
SKREAM “Bang that” (skreamizm)
MAELSTROM “The Line” (zone)
RENAISSANCE MAN “Stalker Humanoid” Dexter remix (turbo)
A-TRAK “Tuna Melt” Les Rythmes Digitales remix (fool’s gold)
LONG FORGOTTEN BOY “Night Works” Erol Alkan rework (phantasy)