Download Dellux’s “Bare Trap” EP


Dellux is a 17-year-old producer from Wales.  With only four years in the game (and who knows how many of those years were taken serious), he’s come out with an absolutely phenomenal EP.  He’s aligned himself with the Astroid Boys, and we can see why they chose to bring him along from the ride.

Bare Trap is completely stripped down.  Almost minimal.  With so many people discovering the sound and seeing how big they can make it, it’s refreshing to find someone that wants to make marvelous music without attempting to fill an arena from their bedroom.  I’ve got the heads up on this kid, and will certainly keep you all posted as he moves forward.  In the meantime, his EP is available for FREE download.

While you’re here, check the video for the Dellux-produced Astroid Boys’ track “Taylor Swift” while you await your download: