Download Digital’s FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix


Sometimes, I wished I lived in the UK. As much of a dnb head as I’ve been, I’ve never set foot outside of the US to experience the music in its homeland. It sucks, because I grew up loving dancehall and dub, and feel like the dubwise aesthetic that Digital applies to his music speaks to the heart of what I’m about. We say this to say that FABRIC’s June 21 lineup is serious; Room 1 features Pinch celebrating his birthday with a Tectonic crew takeover, but Room 2 is pure Metalheadz, with Goldie, Calibre, Digital and others tearing repping the sound. Digital knocked out this promo mix that’s in tune to the sounds that I need in my life: heavy emphasis on deep bass, loads of breakbeat manipulation, with a dash of dub vibes throughout. No tracklist but I imagine Digital dug into his bag of dubplates and has snuck choice cuts alongside bits many should already know.