Download E-Sassin’s “Dreams & Nightmares” Mix


This is one of those golden oldies, dropping all the way back in 1996; it was released on cassette, and a number of the artists in this tracklist aren’t even together anymore. Regardless, this is a darkside trek through a classic time in jungle/drum & bass from one of the American producers who people gave a damn about early on. E-Sassin was making waves back in the LA scene alongside the likes of UFO!, Hive, and those leftcoast drum & bass producers. As a producer, he’s not been heard of since 2004 (at least under this moniker), but he randomly threw this trip back into the jungle days of yore for a limited time via his SoundCloud. Many trainspotters hadn’t even ID’d a lot of these tracks, so it’s great to have the full mix out, even if it’s for a limited time. So many memories.


E-Sassin – Intro:
Alpha Omega – “Universal Motion” – Reinforced
Elementz of Noize – “Torch” – Smokers Inc.
Sounds of Life – “Trust Me” – Certificate 18
Original Substitute – “Can I Dream?” – Outstanding
Suspicious Circumstance – “Unstable Environment” – High Octane
Paradox – “Deep Sleep” – Renagade Hardware
Paradox – “Filmscape” – Offset Recordings
Pascal – “Cut Throat” – Frontline
Elementz of Noize – “Chill” – MSW
Beast – “C.E.T.” – Case Invaders
LX – “In the Lab” – Don Q
Que – “Double Density” – Damaged Minds
Dylan – “Turbulance” – Droppin Science
Dylan – “Code Breaker” – Droppin Science
Militant Minds – “Thought Provoking” – Frontline
Neotech – “Valves” – Moving Shadow
Nucleas & Paradox – “Esoteric Funk” – Reinforced
Source Direct – “Enemy Lines” – Science

  • DJ Cyan

    Whoa – I used to own this mix tape. Thanks for bringing back!