Download HPNTK’s Mix for Modern Filth


HPNTK (formerly known as DJ Hipnotikk) has been on his grind in Atlanta.  With support from Freakstep Records and a solid stream of releases in the past six months (most notably his track “Money”), he’s setting himself apart with a bassy trap style all of his own.

This mix is a display of current and upcoming work from this young talent.  He spent quite a bit of his early career knocking out refixes and feeling his way through the dubstep and thugstep lanes, and his recent switch to that Atlanta vibe that we’ve all grown accustomed to is certainly a pleasant one.

01. HPNTK – Conglomerate
02. HPNTK – Undastand Me
03. HPNTK – Dungeon Trap (VIP)
04. HPNTK – Breaka (VIP)
05. Taste Tester – Flexbox (HPNTK VIP)
06. XTENDO – JBeat
07. T.I. – Who Want Some
08. Taste Tester & Manikan – Back 2 Back
09. HPNTK – Opium
10. HPNTK – Do Dat
11. Manikan – $100K
12. HPNTK – Bass Criminal
13. Manikan – GGGGettin’ Head (Bosstone Remix)
14. HPTNK – Undrgrnd Tactics
15. HPNTK – Dirty Mouf