Download Klute’s Mix for the Sun And Bass Podcast


Klute’s a staple of the drum & bass scene. His Commercial Suicide imprint has been going on 12 years strong, with his career as a producer having gone on for even longer. He has an ear for quality producers, and has helped usher in quality artists, not just flavors of the month. For his Sun And Bass mix, he drops both new and old Commercial Suicide tunes, as well as bits from other similar producers and artists. Soak this one up.


Invaderz & DJ Marky – After Midnight – Commercial Suicide
Nymfo – Trackball – Innerground
Chroma – Intermission – C.I.A.
Quadrant & Iris & Kid Hops – Hovercraf -
NFM – Heron Blue – ?????
Vicious Circle – Last Chance Saloon V.I.P. – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Close to Me – Signature
Klute – Just What You’re Feeling – Commercial Suicide
Ulterior Motive – Time Keeper – Subtitles
Emperor – Radar -
Nymfo – Woodpecker – Innerground
Klute – Sick Drive – Commercial Suicide
Quadrant & Iris – Depth Sounder -
Prolix & Klute – Time Bleeds Truth -
John Dahlback – Next to the Speakers (Seba remix)
Klute – Best Bits Not Over – Commercial Suicide
Unknown – Untitled -
The Upbeats & Dose – Tangerine -