Download Skream’s Disco Set for Judie


Before Skream took off for Asia, he recorded a 72 minute disco set. It’s customary for him to throw these up on his SoundCloud page, but for some reason that didn’t go down. Luckily, we got permission from one of our favorite DJs to throw this disco set (for Judie) up on our SoundCloud. Don’t believe us? Just watch…

We’re not going to say this is a great companion to Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories, but we do feel like it’s time to break out some polyester suits and get our boogie on. Enjoy, and thanks Skream!

  • the world

    i wonder if khal actually boogie’s or if he just lives on the internet and blogs.

    • khal

      the world may never know.

  • boogi3mangg