Download The Magician’s “Magic Tape Thirty” Mix


30 months, 30 mixes; gotta love that consistency. However, while you may think some musical gusto gets lost in the month over month mixathon, I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the best one yet – something that I may or may not have said since the first Magician Magic Tape that I got my hands on.

With a wide array of music that defies categorization, this tape packs a lifetime of groove into 60 golden minutes. With influences ranging from the deepest of house to the fattest of funky alt-rock, The Magician brings this mix to life and keeps it interesting from front to back. (…and did we hear a Dre sample in there? Daaaaaamn).

Grab your free download on The Magician’s soundcloud before every JK Rowling gets their hands on these Harry Potter beats, and don’t forget to show Gandalf’s main man some love on Facebook.