Download the Special Edition of Gridlok’s “Void” LP


We’re hoping that you androids were around when the original version of Gridlok‘s second album, Void, came out in 2009. You’d be just as ecstatic as we are at him releasing this special edition of this album – for free. With four previously-unheard tracks – for free. Void shows Gridlok’s progression as a producer. It’s so much more than a dark, dope piece of amazing dnb. So much more. It’s like he’s encapsulated everything that was him, from the days with Underfire to the growth as a man and producer in an evolving genre. All of it has been thrown into one big cookie that will not melt in your mouth, or your hands; it’ll melt your entire insides. The four new tunes include a remix of “Radar” by State of Mind, and an alternate version of “The Cycle.” Say thanks!