Download the “Street Bass Bootlegs 3″ Compilation


Yesterday, we got to preview the latest Seclusiasis compilation, Street Bass Bootlegs 3. Before there was trap, there was street bass. Starkey, Dev79, and the crew have been about that dubstep and grime life for a while, but applying it to hip-hop and r&b wasn’t something that was regularly being done… or approved. Just ask Nappy.

For the third installment of their Street Bass Bootlegs series, the Seclusiasis brain trust seemingly start with a certain piece of the “urban” aesthetic and build from there. Whether it’s Starkey remixing Danny Brown or the vocal samples that MANIKAN & Taste Tester use, there’s always something to connect to the hip-hop lover, but the tracks are undeniably next level future bounce. We’ve got some trap, some more “club” material, and even some unclassified intergalactic overtures, with everyone from King to El Carnicero going for theirs.

We recommend that you recommend this to those friends of yours who love hip-hop and r&b and want to get into bass music. Perfect primer.